Terms and conditions


Contact us:


Contact us by e-mail, via our Facebook page or through the Customer Service Center at 065806262 or through the "Contact Us" link on the website. You will be notified of any updates about the service through social Media, our Facebook page or by email, but please do not send any sensitive data such as your credit card information via email because we normally do not request using this method at all.


Subscription and registration:


The client is allowed to register only one account and Sona.Jo has the right to suspend any multiple accounts for one client.


Dadagroup.JO has the right to verify the identity of the client through any channel of communication.


Product order :


The client is fully responsible for ensuring that the specifications of the product which mentioned on the product sales page to ensure the order matches the listed product.


Sona.Jo ensures that the product is delivered in the same condition as listed on the page.


The client must clarify all the specifications of the required product in the order as described on the product sales page. (E.g. color, model) to avoid delays in the review process.


Sona.Jo is responsible for delivering products with the same specifications that you have clarified in the order.


The maximum items that can be added in the shopping cart per order is 10.


Client cannot use more than one offer / coupon per order. And any offer or coupon cannot be replaced for cash. Also coupons are valid for one time use.


Shipping rates and delivery dates:


Purchases are delivered within 1-4 work day in the Jordan


Circumstances beyond our control:


Sona.Jo is not responsible for the loss or damage of purchases due circumstances beyond our control. These conditions include only natural phenomena such as earthquakes, hurricanes, storms, floods and fog, also fires, aircraft crashes, power cuts, transportation roads, or any other disturbance.


Cancellation Policy


24 hours is the minimum base required for a cancellation notice . Notification for example will be personally, or via email, mobile phone "text message" or fax, or any other means will be accepted and subjected to a written confirmation. We have the right to charge 10 JD to cover any subsequent administrative expenses.